Renowned Nigerian Skit-maker, Mr Funny Hands Peak Milk and Gala 1B and 100M Lawsuit For Plagiarizing His Trademarks

Mr Funny, AKA Sabinus who is identifed as Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu has menaced to file the two gigantic industries in Nigeria, Peak Milk and Gala for copywriting his prominent trademarks.
Some reports revealed that the popular Instagram comedian, Mr Funny handed UAC a whopping 100 million lawsuit and Friesland Foods a total amount of 1 Billion Naira.

This arose as a result of his two prominent trademarks the food-producing dou, Friesland Foods and UAC used in promoting and doling their products without his notice.
UAC sponsored their products with a plagiarize image of him, while the Friesland Foods make used of “Something Hooge” as his trademark on their own products

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