Popular Nigerian Social Media Influencer, Christabel Reportedly Dies After Failed Plastic Surgery

A famed Nigerian social media platforms influencer and popular Port Harcourt big girl who is identifed as Christabel has kicked the bucket after falling victim of failed liposuction.
It was disclosed off yesterday evening after her partner and the hospital she was admitted to deliberately condone the liposuction and announced her death.

The Influencer was reckoned to have left her comfort and met her death in order to make her buttocks to become bigger which was revealed by few sources
Furthermore, it didn’t likely work and she relinquish to the unfaithful death due to failed liposuction. The hospital which admitted her silenced her death news until her shadow friend who knew her ambition disclosed the secret.
Netizens has stormed the social media platforms as they moan her death due to what she did to herself.

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