“How To Identify a Good Woman” Nigerian Politician, Reno Omokri

Phenomenal Nigerian Politician and activist, Reno Omokri has once more revealed to men how they can identify a good woman.

This time, he centered his message on how to identify a good women.

According to him, he disclosed that a good woman doesn’t not demand financial support from her suitors.

Furthermore, he used his wife as a good example for men to imitate, that a woman who isn’t under the status of his wife, daughter or mother shouldn’t deploy financial pressure on them.

Finalizing his thoughts, he urged men to forgo the notion that states that women aren’t scares but it’s the good women that scares.

In his words, he said;

“Dear men, Women are not scarce. What is scarce are good women. And good women do not demand financial maintenance, except they are your wife, daughter, mother, or unmarried sister. Any other woman demanding financial assistance from you CANNOT be a good woman!.”

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